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Air Conditioning & Repair Family

AC Solutions Valleywide Air Conditioning & Heating


In 1995, A/C Solutions, Inc. was founded by David and Kassie Estrada. These two high school sweethearts found it enjoyable to work together on a daily basis.

As David ran the service calls, Kassie was hard at work taking care of the office and raising the children. The very first service calls were ran out of the family mini-van with a ladder strapped to the roof and car seats in the back. With long hours, hard work and a lot of dedication, A/C Solutions has become a leader in the air conditioning and heating industry in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Over TWENTY years later, David, Kassie, their children and trusted employees continue to stay true to the "family" values that A/C Solutions was built on.

We always have been and always will be YOUR families' air conditioning and heating service company.


"We LOVE our Customers...THIS MUCH!"

Family Owned and Operated Since 1995.

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